I had a very interesting young man, Jordan, come into the shop. He said he often picks up books as led (my word) and sees if he likes them. After reading Henry James –whom he had not heard of– for a while, he bought the book. I was impressed! He told me that one of his favorites he found that way was The Decameron. He inspired me to check it out from the library. Now I’m REALLY impressed – it’s 800 pages long!!! Phew! Well, girding my loins to give it a try…

Books are good for kids (and I’d say adults, as well!)

I don’t know that I personally need a scientific study to tell me growing up surrounded by books was good for me. Granted, I may have created most of the benefit for myself, as I always had many multiples of the number of books the rest of my family had. I am also happy (though not surprised based on some of the “less well-educated” but incredibly smart and well-informed people I know) that having books at home offers as much benefit as higher education in some regards.

Check it out at the Smithsonian!…/growing-surrounded…/