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Enter author, title, or keywords into this search box and any books we have will show up on under Vintage Quaker/Corner Bookshop (we got started as Vintage Quaker Books). Please note that much of our inventory is NOT listed here: most fiction, less expensive non-fiction, and many Maine, maritime, and nature titles are not.

You can buy these books immediately via the* marketplace if you like (and we aren’t charged a commission!) and we will ship the books to you. However, many books are priced higher online in order to cover shipping and marketplace fees. If you would like us to hold a book for you to come in and buy in person, feel free to call 207-200-3296 or, preferably, email us at We will hold the title for you for one week.  


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*By the way, is the site we recommend for buying used books online. Biblio was started by former bookstore owners and you can still see photos of their entire staff online. They may be the only independently-owned online book marketplace (Did you know Abebooks is owned by Amazon? Sadly.) and they do a lot to support us little folks, for example, making it possible for us to use this search widget rather than paying for complicated software to sell on our own sites.